for new inductees shall be decided upon by the members of the Hall of Fame and the Executive Committee, should the active membership go below three (3) as outlined above.
The Association may adopt By-Laws when necessary. By-Laws shall be adopted when approved by a majority vote of the members in good standing and present, at any regular or special meeting.
    SECTION 1: The requirements for meetings in this Association shall be set out in the BY-laws of this Association.
    SECTION 2: The president may call special meetings when necessary, and must call a special meeting upon instance of 25% of membership.
    SECTION 3: Seven (7) members, or if the membership is less than twenty-eight (28) in which case 25% of the membership, shall constitute a quorum.
    SECTION 4: The time and place of all meetings shall be at the discretion of the president.
    SECTION 1: President – If circumstances shall exist whereas the office of president is considered vacant, the Executive Committee shall automatically declare the first vice- president as president of the Association. If the first vice-president does not wish to complete the unexpired term of the incumbent President, the vacancy shall be filled by the next highest elected officer, willing to accept the position.
    SECTION 2: Other vacancies – In the event any other office be declared vacant, the Executive Committee shall fill positions by appointment.
This Constitution may be amended or revised at any regular or special meeting, called for that reason, by an affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the voting members present. a) Notice of any proposed amendment or revision must be sent to each voting member at least three (3) days prior to any meeting where an amendment or revision is considered. b) Anytime there is an amendment or revision to the Constitution, an updated version of the document will be made available to the membership. c) The Constitution shall be reviewed and/or revised at least every four years by an appointed committee

    SECTION 1: Any person interested in the object of this Association shall be eligible for membership upon payment of NJSHPA and NHPA dues.
    SECTION 2: Membership shall be restricted to legal residents of the State of New Jersey. A regular member is a person who pays full card dues.
    SECTION 3: All members under the age of eighteen (18) shall be considered junior members. All members under the age of nine (9) shall be considered Junior Cadets.
    SECTION 4: Membership dues shall be determined and reviewed annually by the Executive Committee.
    SECTION 1: Any member may be suspended for: a) Willfully violating any official playing rule or by-law of the NJSHPA or NHPA. b) Forfeiting in a tournament for an unapproved reason.
    SECTION 2: For any of the reasons above, a member may be suspended for one year.
    SECTION 3: No member shall be suspended until given a fair hearing before the Executive Committee.
    SECTION 4: Members who have been suspended for one year may be reinstated after the year has elapsed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
    SECTION 1: During the months of October thru March, regular meetings of this Association shall be held a minimum of four times a year, three open meetings (State Members) and one Executive Committee meeting. Each open meeting should be preceded by an Executive Committee meeting. The President may, at his discretion, call additional meetings, both regular and executive.
    SECTION 2: During the months of April thru September, meetings may be called only for special reasons which shall be announced at least three days prior to the meeting date. Announcement, either by mail, telephone, e-mail or in-person, should include the reason for the special meeting and no other business shall be conducted at that meeting other than that which was announced.
    SECTION 1: Each regular member, in good standing, shall be entitled to one vote at every election of this Association.
    SECTION 2: Ballots will be available at the State Championships and in the state newsletter, prior to the Championships. Each member is entitled to one vote, either in person or by mail. Mailed ballots must be received by date to be specified each year by the nominating committee.
    SECTION 3: Questions of sufficient importance for consideration by the members of this Association may be voted upon by mail and a majority vote received within fifteen days of mailing shall be decisive.
    SECTION 1: There shall be a nomination committee formed each year, consisting of those officers not up for election. a) The purpose of this committee is to screen the membership and to propose the best possible candidates to fill the expiring terms of the present officers of the Association.
    SECTION 2: The president shall appoint other committees as are necessary. a) The chairman of each committee shall be responsible for the function of that committee.