We the horseshoe pitchers of the State of New Jersey, in order to promote, foster and develop the sport of horseshoe pitching throughout the state of New Jersey, do hereby establish The Constitution and By-Laws of the New Jersey State Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association.
The name of this association shall be known as the “New Jersey State Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association” (NJSHPA).
he purpose of this Association shall be to work with local clubs and organizations to develop, organize and promote the sport of horseshoe pitching on the state and local levels as a family oriented, recreational and competitive sport.
    SECTION 1: The NJSHPA shall be chartered under the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA).
    SECTION 2: The current NHPA by-laws and The Official Playing Rules, Guidelines and Specifications (The RGS Book) will govern all matters not specified in the Association’s Constitution and By-laws.
Any resident of the state New Jersey may become a member upon payment of both the NJSHPA and NHPA membership dues.
    SECTION 1: The elected officers of this Association shall be President, First-Vice President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President, Fourth Vice President, Fifth Vice President, Sixth Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer or Secretary/ Treasurer.
    SECTION 2: The appointed officers shall consist of [2] Members-at-Large, one of whom is to be appointed by the Executive Committee, one to be appointed by the President, and one appointed by the Club Representatives of each sanctioned club.
    SECTION 3: All officers must subscribe to the NHPA NEWSLINE publication.
    SECTION 1: President a) Preside at all meetings of the Association and Executive Committee. b) Appoint members to committees. c) Perform other duties as necessary for the efficient operation of the Association. d) Serve as a member of all committees.
    SECTION 2: Vice Presidents a) In their order, assume the duties of the president, in the event of the president’s inability to preside at any meeting of the Association. b) Carry out any specific duties assigned by the President. c) Assist at the state Singles and Doubles Championships and one other state tournament.
    SECTION 3: Secretary a) Keep an accurate record of the minutes of all meetings. b) Collect annual membership dues and issue NHPA membership cards. c) Keep membership records and file membership reports with the NHPA. d) Act as custodian of all Association records and maintain a complete inventory. e) Perform other duties as assigned by the president.
    SECTION 4: Treasurer a) Keep records of all receipts and disbursements. b) Deposit all monies of the Association in a timely manner at a bank approved by the Executive Committee. c) Prepare disbursements for payment. d) Prepare a Treasurer’s Report for all Association meetings. e) Annually submit required books and records of the previous fiscal year, to the auditing committee for the year-end report.
    SECTION 5: Members-at-Large It shall be the duties of the members-at-large to investigate all complaints, listen to all ideas or suggestions, and to bring same before the President and Executive Committee with appropriate recommendations. They may also be appointed to head special committees by the President.
    SECTION 6: Regional Director a) Regional Director’s duties are specified in the Regional Director’s Guidelines published by the NHPA. b) Assist in the development of the official NJSHPA tournament schedule annually. c) Any member wishing to run a sanctioned tournament must notify the regional director prior to the final schedule approval.
    SECTION 7: Compensation No officer or member of this Association shall be monetarily compensated for their services by the Association, with exception of the Secretary/Treasurer, if this office is held by one person. The amount will be decided by the Executive Committee. However all justifiable expenses normally incurred in either the line of their normal duties or whenever assigned specific duties, shall be paid by the association for officers or members. If the individual is not sure, it would be practical to check with the President or Secretary/Treasurer before going ahead.
    SECTION 1: The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers and the appointed positions of; Regional Director and Members-at-Large.
    SECTION 2: The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the Association. Receive for consideration and action all reports, resolutions and communications presented by the officers, committee chairs or members.
    SECTION 3: The Executive Committee shall make the final decision on all financial matters.
    SECTION 4: It is the obligation of all members of the Executive Committee to attend all meetings of the State Association, both open and Executive Committee.
The president shall have the authority to appoint Committees as necessary to administer the Association.
    SECTION 1: This Association shall establish a Hall of Fame to honor eligible members for outstanding achievements and contributions in the sport of horseshoes and to the State Association in the areas of promoting, pitching or administration.      
    SECTION 2: Ten (10) years minimum membership in this Association shall be the time standard for eligibility to be inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame, except in the case of a deceased or incapacitated member, whom shall be eligible with less than ten (10) years if former service and/or playing ability so warrants this honor.
    SECTION 3: Previously inducted members of the Hall of Fame shall have the sole voting power to elect new inductees to the Hall of Fame. However, if either through relocation to another state, disability or death, the remaining active members total two (2) or less, those members will review the nominations for new inductees with the Executive Committee. They will join in the voting of new members into the Hall of Fame. When the active membership reaches three (3) again, the sole voting power will return to those members. If no more than two members respond to the voting procedure in a given year, the Executive Committee will join the voting. a) The manner of voting